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31 Flav0rz -- Bisexual Names' Journal

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29th September 2006

zenithstarscape12:57pm: A women's community I made!
Empowered Hearts community

Its pretty slow so far, but Im sure hoping it will pick up!


4th February 2006

panda3673:18pm: Want to join a new claiming community? Then join pinch_myass! Newly revived, new mod and better than ever! Join today!


10th January 2005

loreleiiscariot2:22am: Screw it
I'm changing my claim to Rod Stewart.
Current Mood: awake


10th December 2004

h0txheat4:51pm: i`d like to claim carmen electra ;] <3 she is so fcukin` sexyy <3
Current Mood: chipper


23rd October 2004

glaciallove11:08am: well, aren't we an active community?


5th July 2004

hi_tech_hate11:17pm: hey,
I'd like to claim Chris Pontius please.

Thanks, bek
Current Mood: blank


20th April 2004

bimeg116:56pm: hello
hey i just joined your community, 16/bi f/ny

can i have aria jiovannni?? did anyone take her yet?!?!? b/c if not, she's MINE!


9th February 2004

assuring11:45am: I'd like to claim Christina Aguilera. Thank you.
Current Mood: cheerful


6th February 2004

loreleiiscariot2:44pm: My claim, woo!
Can I claim Charles Manson? Seriously, they say he's bi.
Current Mood: disappointed


13th January 2004

y0ur_best_bet10:16pm: i claim jenna jameson..oh man how i love her!!


3rd January 2004

glaciallove4:49am: Hey ya'll, howz everyone?? Well, I thought this community was okay for now. I just wanted to claim David Bowie.


20th December 2003

lethal_bunnehh8:31am: I don't see a claim list, so I claim Angelina Jolie.


13th October 2003

isu_chan11:38pm: can I claim myself? coz if I can I claim myself! :3


10th July 2003

blessedpsycho10:01am: hiya
Hi there. I'm Mike. I found this community while looking on community_promo. It sounds interesting. I'm not sure I understand this whole 'claiming' thing, though. Could someone please explain that to me? Pwity Pwease? Wiff cherries on top?

Well, L8rz!

P.S.: BTW - my stats: 19/M/Southern California/Bi

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