Myles Away (blessedpsycho) wrote in 31flavourz,
Myles Away


Hi there. I'm Mike. I found this community while looking on community_promo. It sounds interesting. I'm not sure I understand this whole 'claiming' thing, though. Could someone please explain that to me? Pwity Pwease? Wiff cherries on top?

Well, L8rz!

P.S.: BTW - my stats: 19/M/Southern California/Bi
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If you've never been to a claiming community, I'll explain it to you. :) Say there's something you like a whole lot. Whether it be a friend, a byofriend/girlfriend, character from a TV show, celebrity, whatever. Claiming communities let you "own" them. There's claiming communities for anime, celebs, books, movies, etc. In this particular one, you can claim any person that is bisexual. You just make a post saying "I want to claim soandso" and when I update the claims list, s/he's yours. ;)